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Rubber joint type EFLEX FTUA

EFLEX Rubber Joint

Rubber joint  E-FLEX type FTUA

from  DN 20 (3/4") up dn 80 (3")

The rubber joints FTUA type are made by a central body with double corrugation reinforced with textile fibers of nylon woven diagonally. Are particularly used in heating and air conditioning systems for the absorption of expansion and noise reduction.

Another interesting use is as a flexible connection between the distribution networks and equipment such as pumps, split air conditioners, heat pumps, boilers.

FTUA joints are available in three types of elastomers:

type EE :  (EPDM-EPDM)   

type NN : (Neoprene-Neoprene)

type NP : (Neoprene-Nitrile)

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